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Is it Time to Replace YOUR System?

There are 3 main reasons
a new air conditioning system represents a substantial investment. You’ll want to weigh all of your options to ensure that installing a new system is the best solution. When determining whether or not to replace your existing system, consider the three main reasons most system replacements take place:

1. Energy Costs

High electric bills are a good indicator that your system no longer provides efficient service. The savings realized by today’s high-efficiency systems can quickly justify the initial cost of installing a new air conditioning system.

2. You have an older unit (12+ years)

After a certain age, the increased probability of future failures of critical components becomes a determining factor. Replacing a major component in an older system could be a short-term solution, as other parts fail due to age.

3. The necessary repair is too expensive

Replacing some critical components can be very expensive. In fact, a new system installation may be a more feasible expenditure when a critical system component fails, as the repair could equal a large percentage of the total system replacement cost.


Take the guesswork out of choosing.
Choosing whether or not to replace an air conditioning system or to repair your current ac system can be difficult…but it doesn’t have to be. While there are no absolutes, you can use this very simple equation below to deduce which option makes the most financial sense:

GE X REPAIR = LESS than $5000, then a repair is probably your best bet*.

AGE X REPAIR = MORE than $5000, then a replacement is the better solution for you*.

While this is a solid guideline, it is NOT a hard and fast rule. This formula was designed to provide smart boundaries and protect you from companies who always repair anything, regardless of system age or condition. Of course, the final decision is always yours to make.

Expert Assistance from Quality Air Conditioning Company

The decision to replace your current air conditioning system brings a host of questions. What size system does your home require? Which brand best serves your needs? How do I know how efficient a system truly is? These are just a few of the questions answered every day by the professionals at Quality Air Conditioning. Once you’ve decided to replace your system, our technicians will present a variety of options, answer all of your questions and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.
In the meantime, let’s address some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from customers who are choosing a new air conditioning system:

What size do I need?

A general rule is approximately 500 square feet per ton. That means that a “2,000 square foot” home needs a 4-ton unit, while a “1,650 square foot” home requires a 3.5-ton (rounding up) system. Make adjustments for the height of the ceiling (add .5 ton for tall ceilings) heavy sun exposure, window size (add .5 ton for large windows) and attic insulation. To be absolutely sure, ask your professional Quality Air Conditioning tech to do a “heat load calculation” to determine the exact size needed for your home.

The quick answer is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The more informative response would be to point out that the lower the number, the lower the efficiency rating. The government-established minimum acceptable rating is 13.5 SEER, while maximums can reach as high as 34 on mini split units. The most common SEER rating is 16-18 SEER, generally predicated on individual budgets. Efficiency can be increased in four ways: by using bigger coils (inside and outside, which results in faster cooling of the coolant), variable speed motors (x13 is one example), more efficient compressors and better coolant (the previous coolant was R-22, while the new coolant is R410a).
While most brands offer a 5-year warranty on their units, you can add an additional 5 years through some brands by simply registering your equipment on line with the manufacturer. Water-cooled units have a significantly shorter warranty period (1 year on parts, 5 years on compressor…or less). A fairly standard industry practice is for most air conditioning companies who handle the installation to provide 1 year of free labor.
With so many from which to choose, this could be the most difficult question to answer. As a family-owned business, Quality Air Conditioning has given a tremendous amount of consideration to this question, and we approached it by asking another question: What do our families want in an air conditioner system? We’ve spent years and years tracking the frequency of repairs, durability, efficiency and overall performance. (Remember: we service ALL brands.) We know which brands we most often repair…and which brands we rarely have to fix. Based on this information, we’ve chosen three specific brands to offer our customers: Carrier, American Standard and Rheem. By and large, these brands have required the least amount of repairs, both in and out-of-warranty.
Just a cursory study of air conditioning brands will reveal that new system installation is the single most important part of a new system purchase. The cost of a new system demands a quality installation and it’s easier than you think to choose a quality installer. First: take a close look at the technician that visits your home. How is he dressed? Does he advise you…or ‘sell’ you? Have you ever felt pressured to do something you weren’t sure about? Does he share your goals and priorities? Does your technician explain things and answer questions in a manner that’s easy to understand…or does he or she lose you in ‘tech talk’? Now take a look outside. What’s the condition of his service truck? Is the company name proudly displayed? If you get a chance to see inside, is it well organized? If you’re not happy with the answers, you probably won’t be happy with the installation. Your relationship goes beyond the installation: you live with the results of both a good and bad installation for 10 to 15 years or more. Finally, if you can’t recommend them to family and friends…if they don’t have your full and complete trust, look for another company.

NOTHING Beats Experience

Training prepares a new technician. Continuing education provides additional information. Experience is the practical application of that training and education. Real hands-on experience provides an understanding and insight that can’t be acquired in any other manner. Experience reduces ‘surprises’ during a complicated installation. Experience makes even complicated repairs easier. Since 1971, Quality Air Conditioning has been handling the installation and repair of air conditioning systems throughout South Florida. When it comes to experience, come to Quality Air Conditioning Company.

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