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Air Conditioner Replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL: The Time for Air Conditioner Replacement is NOW!

Tech Working on AC Unit Outside

One question our technicians get asked frequently during Fort Lauderdale service appointments is “how much longer until we need an air conditioner replacement?”.  It’s hard to know when the exact time for an AC replacement is but we can tell you that right now is a time when we are seeing a rise in homeowners needing air conditioner replacements.

Air Conditioner Replacement, AC Replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL The truth of the matter is that more people are staying home than ever during recent months. This of course is putting a heavier demand on their air conditioner. While most of our customers turn down their air conditioners when not home, they prefer turning up the air conditioner for lower temperatures while at home. This heavier than normal demand is putting serious strain on older models which of course is leading to more calls for an AC replacement.

The other strain on older models we’re seeing is the hotter than normal temperatures. Of course, Fort Lauderdale gets hot during the summer but right now we’re seeing excessive temperatures. To keep up with demand for 24 hours of cool temperatures during a heatwave, you may feel like your air conditioner is running full time. And it might be. Older models are not as efficient. Of course, don’t forget about what this might be doing to your energy bills too.

If you’ve had too many service calls, higher than normal energy bills, and not getting the cool temperatures you need to stay comfortable, it might be time to look into an air conditioning replacement. With the excessive running of your older model, your new air conditioner might pay for itself faster than you’d see other years.

We’re experiencing a busy schedule right now. With demand for AC replacement and service, many homeowners are reaching out for referrals on neighborhood webpages and apps for the Fort Lauderdale area. We’ve seen our name come up many times and are proud to know our customers are recommending us due to our quality service and competitive prices. Call us soon to start the process on your new air conditioner replacement and we’ll keep you cool all summer long.

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