Commercial AC Repair and HVAC Repair in Delray Beach, FL

The warmest days in Delray Beach, FL, can be a hassle to handle, even with the help of a high-quality AC or HVAC system working to combat the Florida sun. But as most Florida residents learn, these hot summer days are made even worse when that typically trustworthy air conditioning unit loses some of its power or stops working altogether.

In a city like Delray Beach, where the average high temperature in the summer can hit the 90s, having a commercial AC repair service you can count on is a necessity.

Quality Air Conditioning Company has been hard at work since 1971 to ensure the best possible HVAC repair services to you and your home.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service in Delray Beach, FLTechnician fixing a Commercial Air Conditioning in Delray Beach

Old, low-quality AC units can give out at a moment’s notice, and you should have a commercial air conditioning service in your area to rely on for assistance. Your HVAC system can break down at any time, which is why our HVAC company offers 24/7 emergency services so we can be there the moment you need us.

But while we love to repair air conditioning units to their former glory, our services also include ways to prevent HVAC systems from malfunctioning, including installation of newer units and maintenance on old ones.

Some of the features of our maintenance service include:

  • Flushing drain pipes
  • Cleaning drain pans
  • Installing high-efficiency filter pads and offering spares
  • Installing Algaecide
  • Lubricating your HVAC unit’s motor
  • Inspecting belts, pulleys, and other HVAC equipment

Commercial AC Repair and HVAC Service for Delray Beach, FL, Businesses

Housed on the east coast and neighboring the big city of Fort Lauderdale is Delray Beach, FL, home to over 66,000 residents as of the 2020 census. Delray Beach is a smaller town relative to its Florida neighbors but has become a popular destination for people to settle down with a growing list of attractions. The Florida city has a thriving boat scene, regular festivals, and easy beach access.

And, of course, Delray Beach also has the quintessential Florida heat that you will need to combat with the best AC units available. For installation of those units and professional commercial AC repair, turn to the Quality Air Conditioning Company team.

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